Avengers STATION, a permanent attraction at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, needed to be reimagined to become more immersive and interactive. The challenge was to update the attraction to highlight newer Marvel films and characters, enhancing the overall guest experience.


Our team was hired to revamp the Avengers STATION experience. We crafted the concept for a functional Avengers outpost that seamlessly tied the characters to the space. Guests step inside the Avengers’ Las Vegas base of operations and gain a unique behind-the-scenes look at how the heroes prepare to protect the planet and the galaxy beyond.

The updated attraction features tours of Tony Stark’s R&D Lab, Shuri’s portable workshop, the Avengers threat containment area, the Infinity Stones Observatory, and Bruce Banner’s Bio Lab. Interactive displays and effects allow guests to dive deeper into the world of the Avengers and learn more about their favorite heroes. The experience culminates in a finale where guests see how they measure up to the iconic superhero team as they battle the newly resurrected Ultron.


The reimagined Avenger’s STATION transformed into a highly immersive and interactive attraction that resonates with fans of newer Marvel films and characters. By creating a functional Avengers outpost, the attraction offers a unique and engaging experience that brings the Marvel universe to life.

The interactive elements and detailed environments provide guests with an in-depth look at their favorite heroes, enhancing their connection to the Marvel universe. The revamped attraction successfully updates the experience, ensuring its continued appeal and relevance.