We drew on the themes of Greek mythology, conservation, sustainability, and–most importantly–fun to create a layered story for the Aquaventure theme park. Those elements, combined with a gamified, personalised, choose-your-own-adventure approach, can propel guests into a thrilling, edutaining experience to raise their pulse and lift their Spirit.

The park adventures we designed feature the Greek gods Poseidon, Chronos, and Artemis. Guests will be free to choose which god’s faction to join during their visit, in an approach to wayfinding centered around the audience persona.

As part of our task, we developed unique characters for the park, each based on the Atlantis mythology but uniquely ownable by our client. Each character has its own surrogate, or mascot, which younger visitors can relate to.

At the end of the day, guests attend a colors-and-lights spectacular that celebrates the winning faction and brings together all of the connected experiences they had throughout their exhilarating and inspiring time in Atlantis Aquaventure.


The Storyland team was asked how we could transform the Aquaventure Waterpark at Dubai’s Atlantis, The Palm resort into a fully-realised, immersive aquatic theme park that would attract more guests, drawing them into a longer, more vital, story-led experience.


The team at Storyland Studios set out to create an aquatic world that can be more than just a well-designed theme park and can become a place where life-long memories are formed and nurtured. We were inspired by the myth of Atlantis, a name that is deeply connected to a rich, mythological meta-narrative. The underlying mythology and characters already existed in the hearts and minds of people around the world, waiting to be borrowed and built upon.