Purveyors of Possibility

We are a unique collection of down-to-earth specialists, artists, architects, strategists and problem solvers who believe in the power of story to change the world.

We exist to help business leaders create and connect their stories in three dimensions: the strategic brand narrative, the spatial environment, and with interactive media. We partner with brands and with other agencies to create environments and immersive experiences that lift the spirit with deeper stories that shape culture.

Our Team

Team Members and Executive Leadership including alumni from Walt Disney Company, Disney Imagineering, Pixar Animation Studios, Universal, and LEGOLAND - all passionate about creating immersive storytelling experiences that connect with people on an emotional level and shape culture.

Storyland Studios team photo in front of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle
Annual Storyland Knottā€™s Day 2021

Blake Ryan

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Peter McGowan

Chief Storyteller

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Ben Thompson

Chief Strategy Officer
Head of International

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Mel McGowan

Chief Creative Officer

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Clifford Champion

Chief Technology Officer

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Matt Ferguson

Chief Innovation Officer

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Kelsey Sibal

Executive Director of Operations

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Jeffrey Wyatt

Executive Director of Spatial Storytelling

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Shane Grammer

Sr. Creative Director

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Johnny Davis

Sr. Creative Director

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Raquel Ryan

HR Administrator

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Michael Melilli

Director of Story Development

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Joe Sibal

Director of User Experience

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Matt Molsberry

Principal Architect

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Rich Hurrey

Kitestring President
VFX Animation Education Principal

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Shawn Stewart

Executive Director of Strategic Storytelling

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Kai Husen

Director of Digital Experiences

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Kem Meyer

Sr Brand Therapist / Change Management Advisor

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Art Cueto

Architectural Development Manager

Bryce Reyes

Design Team Lead

Desiree Lukowiak

Spatial Storyteller

Ed McGowan

Director of Design

Frank Grau


Freddy Martin

Executive Director

Giovanni Olguin

Production Designer

Jeff Shyu

Architectural Project Manager

Megan Foster


Michael Mulligan

Account Manager/Storyland Studios Fabrication

Phyllis Tsang

Architect/Project Manager

Sarah Bryan


Ubong E. Eton

Digital Storyteller

Vivian Teeter

Architectural Project Manager