The Storyland team set to work creating a world inspired by timeless stories from the four corners of the world: Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. Visitors can choose their own adventure, crossing the “Seven Seas” toward the corner of the world that sparks their imagination first. The park’s eclectic combination of classic and folk tales, cutting-edge innovations, culinary delights, and live entertainment will create unforgettable edutainment experiences for visitors.


Storyville Gardens’ concept design phase is currently complete and work is beginning on the next phases. The Guerriers’ Nashville real estate company, Guerrier Development, is in the process of selecting property for the park. A site announcement is expected in early 2022, with construction slated to begin in mid-2022. Storyville Gardens is set to open in 2025. Learn more at https://storyvillegardens.com/.


To design a story-driven, interactive theme park in Middle Tennessee that inspires a love of reading and storytelling in children, families, and the young at heart alike.


DeLisa and Elde Guerrier of Nashville, creators of the Storyville Gardens concept, are partnering with Storyland Studios to bring their dream to life. Storyville’s mission is to draw on stories from cultures all over the world, inspiring children, their families, and visitors of all ages through the profound power of storytelling. The project aims to rekindle a deep love for reading that transcends the basic requirements of formal education and reaches the heart.