The 50-hectare Boega Island was previously a farming settlement but has been unoccupied for many years. It is located on the Minho River, along the Portuguese-Spanish border.

The island has since been left untouched but still holds a vital role in the maintenance and flow of the river. It requires management and intervention, with occupancy key to ensuring its longevity.



Storyland Studios are developing Porto Boega – a theme park driven heavily by a story that can evolve over time.

The story centres around characters from different locales and cultures, including Portuguese, who have travelled to the four corners of the globe and back. They’ve now been invited to Porto Boega, where they can discover all Boega Island has to offer.



From the landscape to the local culture and its strategic location, Boega Island breathes potential.

Not to mention the fact that it is an island in the middle of a river, surrounded by nature, what better place in the world to create something magical, powerful and transcending?

The Porto Boega story has begun to emerge and respond to both practical and narrative considerations.

The attraction is set to offer a range of facilities and rides, including theme park-style attractions as well as retail, dining, and entertainment (RDE) offerings.

In addition to concepting an illuminated nature attraction, Porto Boega will ensure that Portuguese culture is celebrated, complete with local vendors providing food and retail goods.

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