We finalized full concept work for Redwood Territory. In addition to designing entry gateways, icons, attraction signs, and renaming a number of existing rides, we focused a major design effort on creating the Redwood Food and Wine Pavillion, a regional hub for food, beer, and beverages. A California arts and crafts pavilion was planned as a second cultural anchor to add to the mix of the park’s thrill attractions.

One conceptual subsection of the park was to be named Bicentennial Fair, in homage to the park’s opening year. The action zone would have received a retro nostalgic overlay, anchored by the Great American Revolution giant Ferris wheel and a new giga coaster. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cedar Fair shifted its corporate strategy, and the park has since been sold.

Storyland Studios design and storytelling principles have now been used in the development of the Redwood Rally Attraction and other key areas, which will be opening in the Summer of 2023.


Cedar Fair Entertainment Company selected Storyland Studios to reimagine a portion of the California’sGreat America theme park, putting our themed entertainment and architectural expertise to work.


We redesigned roughly one-third of the park, integrating two existing areas to create the new Redwood Territory. California’s Great America opened in 1976 alongside a sister park in Chicago. At the time, it was arguably the finest non-Disney theme park in the world. Our team took a deep dive into the park’s archives, uncovering original artwork designed by Hollywood luminaries and Academy Award-winning art directors. We wanted to get back in touch with their original designs, color schemes, and authentic inspiration.