Toodles Summer! We’ll miss you.

We wish we could have made it stop, but this week Summer came to it’s bittersweet end. So we’re revisiting Summer’s most memorable fabrications that left lasting impressions on us. Some of these fabrications were crafted right here at Storyland Studios by our talented team, while others (credited below) left us awe inspired.

Escape Velocity at Coachella

This has to be one of the grandest displays of fabricated art we’ve ever seen! The Escape Velocity astronaut was brought to life by some crazy geniuses at Poetic Kentics inc. Built on a forklift that would traverse the crowds at Coachella, we’re still scratching our heads wondering how they did it! By night, EV’s helmet and visor turn into a video screen that was able to display featured artists and social media followers. Besides being beautifully crafted out of steel tubing, chicken wire, fabric & lots of batting. The astronaut’s arm was fully animatronic giving him the ability to flash peace signs! Far out!

TMNT Pizza Thrower at Comic-Con

From Coachella to “Nerdchella”, the much anticipated return of the Ninja Turtles to theatres this Summer was met with this awesome promotional move. A live pizza thrower debuted at Comic-Con this year thanks to Synn Labs and a sponsorship with Pizza Hut (naturally). The Pizza thrower was actually a fabricated Toyota Tacoma that could travel up to 75 mph. Turtle fans were invited to climb atop the machine and take down the TMNT’s arch nemesis Shedder and his gang by launching cardboard replicas of cheese pizza. Cowabunga!


Alien Isolation at E3

One of the coolest E3 projects we have ever had the privilege to help bring to life here at Storyland Studios, was this past Summer’s Alien Isolation gaming pod. The ultimate gaming space was of course uniquely tailored to the popular video game by Sega. The clients idea was to create a pod or alien egg where gaming fans could climb inside and get a truly isolating experience while playing their soon to be released video game. This creepy egg engulfed brave fans and followed their experience by hidden camera that could be viewed by spectators on a posterior television screen. The egg’s chair was also equip to pulse along with the game’s action and custom led lighting.

Chima Waterpark in San Diego, CA

Legoland unveiled it’s second aquatic zone this Summer, The Lego Legends of Chima Waterpark. With their younger Lego maniacs in mind, the waterpark was based on the popular Legends of Chima cartoon. We had the privilege of collaborating with Lego on some of the waterpark’s most awesome features. The park’s 23 ft. tall Mt. Cavora was fully fabricated right here at Storyland. Mt. Cavora is embellished with the eight different animal tribes of Chima and gushes over 400 gallons of water per minute back into the Lion Temple wave pool. We celebrated it’s completion and wild success by splashing around in Cragger’s swamp, the ultimate interactive splash zone. We’ll only miss it until next Summer!

Mt. Cavora at Lion’s Temple wave pool