Greetings from Boega Island!

Storyland Studios are delighted to announce a partnership with BlueCrow Capital, which is developing a new attraction, Porto Boega, on Boega Island in Portugal.

This 50-hectare island sits next to the border between Portugal and Spain, on the Minho River. The island was previously a farming settlement, yet has now been unoccupied for many years.


“We believe that Porto Boega will not only put Portugal on the map, as one of the stages of the entertainment world but will also put our culture and identity in a way no one has ever seen before.”


Boega Island is indeed a special place. From the landscape to the local culture and its strategic location, this place breathes potential. Not to mention the fact that it is an island in the middle of a river, surrounded by nature, what better place in the world to create something magical, powerful and transcending?

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