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Strategy & Consulting


At Storyland Studios, we go beyond creative design. As a leading Strategy and Consulting firm in the themed entertainment sector, we understand that the industry landscape is constantly evolving.

Our team of experienced consultants bring you extensive industry knowledge, fresh and innovative strategies, and a deep understanding of global trend to provide a visionary approach that propels your ventures to new heights.


Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses every facet of the themed entertainment ecosystem. From conceptualization and market analysis to design and construction management, we have a track record of fostering successful partnerships and driving sustainable growth.

Portfolio strategy and asset modelling

Storyland Studios understands that any experience requires a diverse and deliberate selection of assets. Our strategy identifies the right audiences and experiences to optimize visitor dwell time and maximize revenue opportunities.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Storyland Studios has over 15 years of Corporate FP&A experience and are experts in all facets of Financial Management including KPI development and reporting, forecasting, risk management, financial modelling, cost management, and compliance.

Feasibility Studies & Analysis

Storyland Studios has designed and developed multiple new entertainment ventures, ranging from single attractions, to multi-billion-dollar entertainment districts. Our combination of financial, market, and creative analysis blends into the perfect first step for identifying the total market opportunity and launching a new experience.

Intellectual Property Market Analysis and Partnership Strategy

Storyland Studios recognizes that a key strategy in the sector is IP development and acquisition. We work with you to identify and execute the best partnership strategy to benefit your venture.

Intellectual Property Liaison and Deal Negotiation

Storyland Studios has delivered multiple IP deals across nearly every segment of the themed entertainment sector. Our team can ensure that the right partnership happens at the right price, maximizing opportunity for all parties involved.

Operational Excellence Planning and Reporting

Storyland Studios has developed a proprietary Op Ex reporting system, allowing for operators of any size to evaluate and improve on all facets of their operations. Additionally, Storyland Studios bring decades of experience in Operational Planning, supporting new rollouts through best practice and Standard Operating Procedures development.

Industry Benchmarking

Storyland Studios understands continuous improvement and review of industrystandards is required in the ever-changing themed entertainment sector. We remain on the forefront of the industry, uniquely positioned to evaluate KPI’s across multiple organizations, allowing our clients to identify the best practices and strengths required to make any venture a successful operation.

Revenue Management

Storyland Studios bring decades of revenue management experience, with a track record of driving record setting revenue growth across multiple disciplines in the themed entertainment environment. We can identify opportunities to increase cross and up-sell pre, post, and during guest visit, as well as identify organic pricing opportunities through elasticity of demand.


“From the onset, our focus was to partner with a world leader with a track record of successful projects from across the world... Storyland Studios was the perfect fit.”
Del York Linus

Linus Idahosa

Founder and President

Del York International