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Poverty Encounter

Children's Hunger Fund

Poverty Encounter by CHF

California nonprofit Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) wanted to build an immersive and dimensional attraction experience that would introduce visitors to the sad realities of childhood poverty – Poverty Encounter.

Rejecting the predictably common charity video, they wanted to surprise volunteers with an eye-opening journey of insight, empathy, and action.

By telling the true stories of the suffering children through a realistic, walk-through attraction, CHF’s Poverty Encounter recreates the experience of visiting impoverished communities around the world.

Storyland’s creative designers worked with the client to develop physical environments that display the key objectives CHF felt were important for expressing these stories well.

  • Authentic Situations: Depict true-life environments that show the impossible circumstances children experience day-to-day, including garbage dump communities, displaced peoples camps, or indentured slave yards.
  • Believable: Fabricate realism into the scenes and set pieces with world-class themed immersion.
  • Solutions: Give visitors opportunity to participate in solving these problems by immediately building food packages and other resources for delivery to the poor.

Hand-in-hand with the client, we designed realistic sets, special effects, and a captivating storyline that carries throughout the entire exhibit.