Branding Adventure

We were humbled to brand Orlando’s first plant-based, fast casual restaurant, HUMBL. Their ingredients are 100% fresh, all natural and crafted by celebrity chef and founding partner, Matthew Kenney.

It’s good for you. Harvard scientists have calculated that at least one-third of early deaths could be prevented if everyone moved to a plant-based diet. A plant-based diet is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and preventing diabetes, cancer and obesity.

But it’s more than good food. HUMBL serves a purpose. Purpose is what feeds them. Led by their passion to inspire, they aim to empower others. They use their talents to make gifts, give up their needs to meet real ones, commit to others to find ourselves. Their purpose is simply to be the change. From an empty space to a happy place.


HUMBL’s vision is to become the country’s leading fast-causal, plant-based brand, bringing familiar favorites to the table while sticking to the fully plant-based concept. The HUMBL menu features Kenney’s signature cuisine and extends his focus on delivering high-quality, fresh food to the fast-casual restaurant segment. Regardless of location, hyperlocal produce are the ingredients for classic, familiar dishes such as burgers, pizza, bowls and ice cream.

With every meal purchased, HUMBL provides a meal for a child in need. One for one. Each HUMBL location is expected to provide 70,000 meals per year.

Employee uniforms and dining merchandise are purchased from a Cambodia-based organization that rescues human trafficking survivors.

Environmental Design

The HUMBL restaurant environment reflects its brand. It has a natural, hopeful look that exemplifies how grateful they are to serve the Orlando community and be generous to kids in need. It’s a fun, fresh place you can take the whole family any night of the week and know you’re eating good and doing good.