World-Class Zip Line Tours and Treehouse Stays for Adventure-Seekers

Whether you’ve dreamed of zipping between skyscrapers like Spiderman, foraging in the woods of Lothlórien with the Fellowship, hiding out in an Ewok village, or flying higher than the trees, Alliance Redwoods has cultivated the ultimate outdoor experience for the adventure-seeker in all of us.

The experience opens with the Forest Flight zip line tour over the great California redwoods, lands in a high-end treehouse village for an overnight stay, then launches into the breathtaking Tree Tops zip line adventure the following morning.

This unprecedented adventure is not, however, the beginning of Alliance Redwoods’ compelling contribution to entertainment and community in Northern California. Since 1946, Alliance Redwood’s conference center and camps have been the most sought-after retreats and science and nature experiences in its class. With 125 acres, they’re able to accommodate over 25,000 guests every year as they embody their motto, “Service as Tall as our Trees.”

Alliance Redwoods Director Jim Blake wanted to take the camp to the next level, blending nostalgic tradition with innovation. He and his staff partnered with the Storyland Studios team to BlueSky the possibilities of what a themed-lodging environment could be like. Working together to rethink spatial designs and wayfinding, the result was a 24-hour adventure that fully immerses guests in a journey through the Redwood Forest to captivate fiction-lovers and thrill-seekers alike.

Book a Sonoma Treehouse Adventure for a one-of-a-kind overnight Treehouse stay and eco-tour that includes 14 zip-lines covering well over a mile, two spiral staircases, eight sky bridges, and a rappel back down to the forest floor. In addition, the tour consists of a guided hike, gourmet dinner and breakfast served in the tree! You’ll be completely “off the grid” in the Treehouse as everything in the room is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Zip it. Sonoma’s fastest zip line is 1,500 feet long at 250 feet up in the air! It gets up to 40mph and brakes at … well, let’s just say they’re guide operated! And if that isn’t adventurous enough, the Night Flight Tour offers the thrill under the stars!

Jim Blake says, “We’re a traditional camp and conference center, but we needed a fresh set of eyes to look at our spatial design and wayfinding. Storyland Studios came in and painted a vision for our future. They upped our game. It’s been a tremendous partnership. It’s enhanced us and people are really impressed. They’ve said, ‘This isn’t like any other camp we’ve been to,’ and I would attribute that in large part to Storyland and helping us take it to the next level.”

Being Experience Designers, we at Storyland love the adventure and fun factor of Sonoma Treehouse Adventures. But what we love most about Alliance Redwoods is how much they give back to local and global communities.

Each year, they host youth from local schools and at-risk organizations who would otherwise not be able to afford camp, zip lining or Treehouse stays, and they donate to a camp in Nicaragua similar to them.

In 2017, California experienced the largest forest fire in its history and Alliance Redwoods became the base operations for more than 4,000 fireman and 100 displaced people. Since then, they’ve been the emergency evacuation center for many other disastrous California fires including all the Paradise fires over the last three years.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, this prepared them for the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. When local accommodations for the homeless population became overcrowded in the city, their camp took them in, fed, and sheltered them. Because of the way the Treehouses are spaced out, you can book a tour with Sonoma today and still follow all the health guidelines for the pandemic. Now that’s some great unforeseen planning!

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