Themedattraction.com Relaunched As Theme Park Industry Info Hub

First Ever Theme Park Site Returns as Go-To Site for Themed Entertainment Design Professionals


ORLANDO, FLORIDA, November 11th, 2018 –

ThemedAttraction.com, “The world’s most comprehensive site on theme parks and themed attraction design,” is relaunched as an online resource for themed entertainment industry professionals offering insights and interviews from the world’s foremost masters of amusements.

“I’m thrilled to be launching this new phase of themedattraction.com,” said Nate Naversen, the founder of themedattraction.com. “With new writers, new contributors, and a brand new interface, we’re going to provide a voice for the theme park industry you can’t find anywhere else.”

The updated site provides news about openings and innovations from parks around the world. It features articles and interviews from top designers and industry luminaries including Disney Imagineers and other leaders in themed entertainment design. In the online forum, guests are invited to “blue sky” new projects with industry peers, or debate the highs and lows of the latest and greatest park experiences with the people who built them.
Originally launched in 1996, the site’s purpose was to supply previously unavailable information about themed attraction design from industry professionals for industry professionals.

“When I first launched themedattraction.com, there were only three web sites in the world that talked a little about theme park design. But none actually went into detail about how theme park attractions are actually created. We became something special overnight, because we not only talk about how theme park attractions are designed, but we talk to the people who actually design them!  In the past 20 years, the content has grown but the vision is the same. Educate the world about theme park design, give unsung heroes a platform and a place to connect. Inspire young people about the trade. We aren’t about revealing secrets like some fan sites. We talk definitively with the experts who have created some of the world’s most famous theme park attractions.”

The site’s relaunch also coincides with the launch of the Themed Attraction Podcast, a brand new podcast co-hosted by Mel McGowan with Freddy Martin featuring interviews with respected and award-winning theme park experts and innovators telling stories of attraction development from the ground up. Mel McGowan is is the Chief Creative Officer of Storyland Studios, a theme park design firm. He is a seasoned themed entertainment designer having spent 10 years with the Walt Disney Company.

“I’ve always felt that there are a lot of unsung heroes in the themed entertainment industry. They’ve created some of the top human magnets on the planet and yet the vast majority of people have no idea who they are. We want this podcast to give them a chance to showcase their amazing and creative stories,” said McGowan.

The podcast’s first guests include Disney Imagineer Tom Morris and urban planner and author Sam Gennawey. McGowan’s co-host, Freddy Martin, is a writer for theme park industry publications including themedattraction.com and InPark Magazine. The podcast is produced by Dr. Barry Hill, an author and professor of audio engineering at Lebanon Valley College.

ThemedAttraction.com is a theme park industry news and information site providing interviews, stories, and insights about themed entertainment design. Launched in 1996, it remains the first-ever website dedicated to themed attractions and the people who make them.

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Mel McGowan, Freddy Martin & friends discuss theme park design with themed entertainment industry experts.


Nathan Naversen of MyStudioSpace