Storyland Studios announce partnership to develop Boega Island themed entertainment destination

Storyland Studios are delighted to announce Porto Boega, a new attraction on Boega Island in Portugal in partnership with BlueCrow Capital.

This 50-hectare island sits next to the border between Portugal and Spain, on the Minho River. The island was previously a farming settlement, yet has now been unoccupied for many years.

Porto Boega will immerse guests in a rich storytelling-driven world. It showcases the tale of a daring explorer from Portugal who travelled the four corners of the world aboard his enchanted flying ship in search of incredible stories to bring back home.

During his voyage, he was joined by several explorers from each of these worlds who shared a passion for adventure. Now, with his ship securely moored at Porto Boega, guests will be invited to discover these wondrous worlds that dare to be explored. Here, anything is possible, and guests will be able to live out their own amazing adventures.

Rodrigo Passarinho Gonçalves Silva, Investments Associate for BlueCrow Capital said: “We want to create something unique. Something that can not only inspire the world of today, but can also stand the test of time.”

“In a world of ‘remakes’, original ideas like this one are one in a million, and with the right team, it can become something absolutely legendary.

“We believe that Porto Boega will not only put Portugal on the map as one of the stages of the entertainment world, but will also showcase our culture and identity in a way no one has ever seen before.”

“The Minho River is along the border between Portugal and Spain, and the island sits on the Portuguese side. It’s a beautiful part of the world,” says Adam Booth, Storyland Studios Senior Project Manager working on the Porto Boega project.

“Although the beautiful location offers much to inspire and entice visitors, the island needs intervention and management, because it’s important to the river. Occupying the island is key to its longevity.”

Sean Featonby, the Head of Business Development for the UK & Europe at Storyland Studios, comments: “The collaboration with Obvious Gravity and BlueCrow on this endeavour has been truly remarkable. They have entrusted Storyland Studios with the stewardship of Boega Island, and we are honoured by this responsibility.

“I take immense pride in the remarkable efforts put forth by Adam Booth and the entire Storyland Studios team in bringing this project to fruition. Our commitment to ensuring cultural relevance in the markets we serve is unwavering, and Porto Boega on Boega Island is no exception, as it will stand as a tribute to Portuguese people, culture, and history.

“This project signifies the first world-class destination of its kind in development within the region and one that is set to contribute significantly to the European-themed entertainment industry”.

The Porto Boega project will be located one hour north of the city of Porto in Portugal, and 45 minutes south of the city of Vigo in Spain.