Desk to Impress

5 ways to quickly transform your desk into a creative hub

Whether you love your job or are quietly plotting your escape, being tied to your desk all day can be a real inspiration killer. So we’ve come up with a few simple tips to help reestablish a creative and productive workspace. Save the naps for the breakroom.

1. Desktop..can’t stop won’t stop

It’s time to break desktop conformity! Say no to corporate blue desktops that lull you into boredom and showcase your individuality instead. Why not display what’s inspiring you at the moment? Or your favorite hipster cat? It’s as easy as Google. Search. Image.

2. Lighting is Key

Office lighting, a.k.a Fluorescent lighting, is quite frankly, the worst. With more studies proving this lighting leads to migraines at best and hormonal changes at worst, we’re opting for desk lamps. These give off a softer light that feels homey. Garage sales are great for finding lamps, especially ones with character. We scored this funky pineapple lamp for $4 at a garage sale and added a pop of pink paint. Inspiring, right?

3. Books on Books

Keep a fresh stack of books/magazines to jog inspiration. We know that’s what Pinterest is for but, it’s nice to give your eyes a rest from time to time and read something without a backlight. Plus, they look cool and you can swap and share with co-workers. Amazon is great for purchasing used books. And the price of second hand magazines from the local library can’t be beat.


4. Three words,Gelly. Roll. Pens.

This one is really important fellow scribblers. Jotting your thoughts down the old school way comes easier when your pen writes like butter. Gelly Roll pens do just that, while helping us channel our inner 90s kid. With more than 74+ colors to choose from, we only wish we had more ideas to write down.


5. Cup of coffee

We like to refer to this work essential as, “Creative Juice”. It’s potential to uplift and refocus our brain is incomparable. Some of our best ideas we credit to the direct effect of a lack of sleep and too much coffee. Grab a fun mug that says to others,”This is (insert name)’s mug” and fill that sucker to the brim. If coffee isn’t your flavor, peppermint teas and fresh juices are great substitutes for stimulating brain flow.

Protein packed snack drawers and air plants are also great office uplifters!