Seoul Grand Park

Storyland Studios designers, under the team leadership of IMA Design, assisted in creating sprawling concept designs that would bring the romance and environmental glory of the ancient world back to life for visitors of Seoul Grand Park.

In 2010, an international design competition brought together the greatest architecture and environmental design firms in the world to create an immersive recreational experience for the community as well as develop it into an international tourist destination.

Positioned within a large, 552 acre municipal park district between an existing zoo and theme park, the creative possibilities were endless.

As home of Seoul Land theme park and the Seoul Zoo, the design concept recreated the biblical Garden of Eden. With a full conceptual rebrand, the LOST WORLD theme park, the LOST CONTINENT water park, and a TREE OF LIFE treehouse resort hotel, would be tied together by the CIRCLE OF LIGHT retail, dining, and entertainment district.

The final design became a top-ten finalist in the worldwide competition.

Portions of project completed by a Storyland Principal while at a previous firm.