Storyland Studios was approached by LEGO® to help fabricate pieces for a new store in Carlsbad, California. Having previously worked with us on projects such as LEGO® Hotel and LEGOLAND®️ Water Park, LEGO® knew that they could trust our attention to detail and high quality of craftsmanship.

There were multiple aspects to this project with each posing its own challenge and excitement. Most notably, Storyland Studios built a massive balloon structure to sit inside the main store front. The balloon was 7 ft. wide and 16 ft. tall featuring a full steel frame. Although it resembled a balloon, it did not float like a balloon… the balloon was so solid that it took four men on scissor lifts to properly install it inside the store. The results, though, were amazing.

Another aspect of this project required Storyland Studios to fabricate large LEGO® archways that guests would enter and exit from. It wasn’t just the size of these arches which posed a challenge, but the careful attention to detail required when implementing life sized LEGO® bricks and pieces. Every single LEGO® piece that Storyland built was first scaled up from the original, sometimes by hand and other times by machine. Once each piece was scaled it was then sent over to a Master Builder at LEGO® who would review and approve our work, ensuring the highest quality replica pieces.

Other items we built consisted of remodeling LEGO® horses, building LEGO® trees and even LEGO® hay bails- each piece properly scaled, detailed to near perfection, and approved by the LEGO® Master Builders themselves.

Much of our work can still be seen on display today despite the store recently having been remodeled. The balloon still lives inside the storefront, and our horses and trees can be seen exactly where they were initially installed at the carousel.