The Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios Orlando has created magic since it was first unveiled as the welcoming signature piece of this new world. Using the rebuilt digital assets and model, Storyland used a number of practices to approach the creation of this magical piece from scratch. From CNC foam, Polyurethane Hard coat, our fiberglass department, woods, metals, molding and casting, painting, finishing, and finally shipping.

The team at Storyland Studios employed almost every discipline in our creative bag of tricks to create this breathtaking signature piece that millions upon millions of guests have all stood alongside to get their picture taken and hope to hear those magic words: Alllll Aboard!

When Storyland Studios was initially tasked with the Hogwarts Express project we could not have imagined how iconic it would eventually become. The job was originally commissioned by Universal Studios to a different company, but was passed on to us at Storyland when the the cost of buying, moving and repainting an existing locomotive became dishearteningly clear.

An idea was proposed to consider a much more cost effective method using the blueprints of the original train in order to make a lightweight fiberglass and steel framed replica; Storyland Studios had the craftsmen and capability to build it.  Once the steel frame was complete, our team built up the train with immense detail using the original blueprints sent over from England.

Our work still remains in Hogsmeade Village today. You can see our train in the many pictures which people take during their visits to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida.