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Strategic Planning & Feasibility


Storytelling is the creative combination of art and science, where form follows fiction and story shapes space. We combine Brand and IP Strategy with Master Planning to create a process we call Strategic Storytelling. This approach ensures that all creative efforts are aligned to business goals and requirements so the right decisions are made at the right time.


Our uniquely diverse team strikes the balance between left and right brain, approaching the strategic planning process from spatial, operational, and story-development perspectives. We also provide our clients with Guest Experience Audits, Location Assessments, Expert Consultancy, and IP expertise and recommendations.


When we create a Strategic Plan, we not only dream up what your facility could be ten years from now, but generations into the future. We combine psychology, financial modelling, and deep operational experience to produce the strategies that underpin our creative work. This gives our clients the financial foundation of the creative vision. It’s the yin and the yang, the head and heart working in perfect unison.


Storyland is a licensed architect with a full team of urban planners and spatial storytellers well-versed in land development, both greenfield and urban. Our AICP, LEED AP, AIA, and NCARB professionals synthesise the right mix of site, story, and economics into a Master Plan that informs every one of thousands of design and development decisions throughout the life of the project. We work with you and the team of core stakeholders to conceptualise, understand, and articulate the placemaking implications of your unique vision, mission, and purpose.


Our master planning process begins once the big creative idea is established and covers the site plan, building development, landscaping, gross floor area estimation, guest circulation, and program planning. Whether we are master planning a 1,000-seat venue, a 10-minute attraction, or a 100-acre theme park, our strategic design starts with a one-day, interactive “BlueSky” workshop, where we develop the master plan, storyboards, and a three-dimensional perspective. We explore Design Day, site carrying capacity, throughput, and a project’s creative possibilities to challenge, inspire, and transform, while garnering ownership and excitement among core stakeholders.