3D Scanning and Printing

3D scanning and printing technology is the way of the future for fabricating unique environments, prototypes, and products. Need proof? Even now, NASA is challenging next generation innovators to create sustainable 3D printed Martian habitats. The good news is that large-scale, 3D printing (from CAD renderings or physical objects) is available for your project today at Storyland Studios.

3D printing allows you to imagine, design, or create any physical object your project requires.

At Storyland, you can build almost any solid product shape from a digital model or scanned from a physical item. In other words, you bring us any object and we’ll scan it’s shape into the computer. Then, we’ll enlarge or modify it according to the project needs. You’ll end up with a real, physical model or prototype you can see, touch, and use.

We can create highly-detailed parts to enhance the beauty and authenticity of your project.

Printing for Architecture

Architecture and theming firms love Storyland for our ability to give shape to everything they can dream up. Our 3D printing technology lets you create precise architectural models that are amazingly smooth and beautifully detailed. Production-grade thermoplastics will allow you to create the most durable, full-scale building materials that withstand abuse and bear weight.

Our Work

Storyland Studios brings together multiple disciplines under one boutique design and fabrication firm serving the needs of architecture and theming clients in bringing impossible dreams to life. We offer a wide-range of services to support your creative vision from blue-sky concepts, design, master-planning, architecture, through to fabrication and installation of your best ideas.